Contemplating Friendship – A Retrospect In Copenhagen

Contemplating Friendship – A Retrospect In Copenhagen

Photos: Shiyi Wu
Words: Devin Gackle

In life, some friends come and go. But I believe each person is a part of life for a reason; whether good or bad, each person can be an inspiration in your life. Whether they are meant to stay or not, whether you only meet them for a day, or know them for years, each relationship helps you grow into the person you’re meant to be – and you do the same for them. For me, a short encounter in Copenhagen was proof of this.

On a quiet cliff overlooking the strait of Øresund, an online correspondent and I met in person for the first time. We shared our experiences and life stories over brunch and coffee at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art as we enjoyed the calm and quiet of the city, and looked out over the water, listening to the constant hum of bicycles. Even though we’d just met, we were fast friends. In fact, it felt like she was one of my oldest friends.

It’s human nature to think about the people we journey and experience life with, and how grateful we are for the shared understanding of slowing down or pausing to spend our time more wisely, of being more thorough, so that we may be inspired by details that may have been missed on a different day, or in a different moment – graduating colors in a wall, a masterful cobblestone floor, initials painted on a windowsill.

Copenhagen is and always will be a city for introspection and contemplation, and it was here that I came to understand experiences like this reveal who your true friends are.

Here I recognized some need many friends, while some need only a few to be happy; I learned it doesn’t matter how long you know someone – each relationship is a root in your tree of life, helping you grow.

In life and friendship, change is bound to happen – so embrace it. Let it mold you, and when you look back, remember the best parts. And when you make a new friend, go out and experience boldly together.