In The Place You Live Dreams Come True

In The Place You Live Dreams Come True

Photos: Shiyi Wu
Words: Rachel MacFarlane

We form our memories in the home. It’s the structure that holds the tender moments. It’s where we contemplate, grow as a child, or raise a family. The architecture for the design of our home is often overlooked for cheap rent and proximity to work. But what if you could have everything you dreamed of? How important is the home? How impactful is the design and location of your home? What if your dream home was the crux of having a dream life?

I read in Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space , the well-read architectural philosophy handbook, that, ” the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.” The home is not only a place that can provide you a vision of your future but it is an instrument to dreaming. Where we reside not only determines how we live but what we dream of and who we become. Where our homes are located, either next to nature, or embedded in urban cacophony creates an immense impact on our quality of life.

For me, a sense of home is always a source of comfort and protection. If I give myself the allowance to dream, it should be a safe place in a beautiful setting. It would allow me to fill it with parts of myself and family. It would reflect who I am and who I aspired to be.

Take for example Spahaus by Fraternité-sur-Lac and YH2 Architecture, a home built within the shelter of the forest in Mont-Tremblant. It’s far from the edges of the city. It is designed with simple, cool and calm moods in mind. The home embraces natural materials, and open space. The windows create beautiful sightlines to natural scenery just beyond its walls. This space is a blank slate for creativity, warm company, and outdoor adventures. This structure would suit someone who values nature, quiet, and simplicity.

Or let’s take a look at Floating House on Lake Huron, a house designed by Michael Meredith of MOS. The house is built upon island rock formations. It’s located in Georgian Bay, known for its crystal blue waters, and incredible geology. The house optimizes views to the lake, and a includes a boat house that allows for water play and sport. The expansive house includes catwalks to different parts of the strangely shaped islands. The house reacts and embraces the organic. I can imagine running inside leaving traces of wet feet from the lake to end up in front a blazing fire. This home is a dream realized.

Where you dwell is of the utmost importance. It functions as a backdrop to your most important developments and revelations. I can’t forget the time I saw the northern lights from my childhood backyard. Nor the time when the lights were out in the whole city. So, we lit candles and played cards all night as a family in our kitchen. These formative memories are the kinds I want to provide for my future family. Backdrops are often overlooked but without them, there is no foundation for memories.

Cookie cutter houses compromise our sense of self. Instead, unique homes offer individualized meanings, and production of personal experiences. The setting, view, property, condition of light and space, of a home creates an immeasurable impact on a household. Although I live in an urban centre in an apartment that looks out onto a sea of windows, I can’t imagine being able to afford these houses. But I have to remember, you can always dream.